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Many mortgage providers are constrained by lack of flexibility. We are flexible, nimble and provide 2nd mortgages to quality borrowers where larger financial institutions do not offer competitive terms. A typical loan in our portfolio has an interest rate of 12% per annum, a one year term and a mortgage payment. Second mortgage loan amounts are generally $50,000 and upwards to $500,000. As of 2018, the weighted average loan to value on our 2nd mortgage portfolio was 78%.

Our main objective is to provide investors with stable, safe and reliable returns and to preserve capital. Our experienced team of professionals has a deep understanding of real estate and financing structures, which gives us the ability to meet the borrowing requirements of clients that fall outside of traditional lending qualifications. Our approach is straightforward and we analyze multiple options to find solutions for our clients. We bring an entre­preneurial mindset and high degree of professionalism to each transaction and relationship that we build.

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So why TK Wealth Ventures?

We are different! We truly encourage success for our clients and find it rewarding when we can help! Our extensive real estate and financing expertise enables us to provide creative solutions to meet the requirements of each deal. We do exactly what we say will do, so that financing transactions are closed on time and both borrowers and investors are promised exactly what they were told according to the terms agreed upon. We aspire to be the trusted go to company for those looking for financing from a Canadian private lending institution. We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of customer service, and appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust and business.

Overall, the five biggest Canadian financial institutional lenders reported an increase in net income for the 2018 financial year, a collective total of $43.2 billion, up nearly 7.2% from 2017. So, why is it that these hugely profitable institutions limit their returns to millions and millions of hardworking people and so called "valuable customers"? It’s simply called greed!

If you walk into any big financial institution in Canada today, you will be given a return rate on your investment ranging from 1% to 3% per year, if you are lucky! These rates are limited to certain types of investments and returns of higher nature require longer periods of time that your investment must be held in the bank. Sometimes five years or even longer!


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Get Started

Here at TK Wealth Ventures we make sure all aspects of a deal are thoroughly examined. When it comes to money lending and borrowing, we understand that there is always some form of risk associated. Here at TK Wealth Ventures, we advise our potential investors to do their due diligence on how much they want to invest, expected returns and make sure they are comfortable with their decisions before closing a deal with us.

We help protect our investors investments by working with several licensed and reputable brokers who have a proven track record. Additionally, TK Wealth Ventures does its own background checks when it comes to all borrowers, looks into their personal financials, employment history, credit check and payment history. To date, we have not had a default.

However, TK Wealth Ventures does under­stand life can sometimes change unexpectedly and people can fall into unexpected situations. When a default does occur, TK Wealth Ventures immediately takes action and follows through our proto­col steps to try and retrieve outstanding funds and works with the initial borrowers until the funds are recuperated. In the end, the investor is truly never at risk, as TK Wealth Ventures always has access to large capital and retains numerous high equity values in assets spread out in its portfolio.

Financial Institutions vs TK Wealth Ventures

Here at TK Wealth Ventures, we believe in helping our customers by rebuilding the broken and unfair system that we live in. How do we do that? When TK Wealth Ventures closes a deal with a borrower, the percentage we offer back to our investor is astronomically higher than any bank would offer. On top of the great return rates TK Wealth Ventures offers, we also give our investors a very flexible return time period on their investment. These return times vary from a quick 12 months and up to 48 months, not years like the big banks! When an investor starts with us we personalize a program for them that suits their individual needs and expectations. At TK Wealth Ventures, we promote fair and flexible ways of business to our investors and understand that we all have to work as a team in order to be truly successful.

Incentive Program

When it comes to giving back to our clients and investors, TK Wealth Ventures has initiated an incentive program like no one else! When an investor initially signs up with us, they are offered a flat return rate on their initial investment based on their term period. Once they become a client of TK Wealth Ventures, an incentive program may be applied to the investors returns. Incentive program rates are all based on the type of clientele, amount invested and the term period which the investment matures.

For example, a client invests $50,00 for two years and if offered an initial return of 8%. Once the term expires, the investor has a choice to reinvest or take the profits. If the investor decides to re-invest, an incentive percentage can and will be applied, so instead of the initial 8% originally given, TK Wealth Ventures will look at the clientele portfolio and offer an additional 4% return, totalling 12% in the next new 2 year term. This is just an example, as there are many custom scenarios we apply and work with. The same incentive program applies if an investor increases his or her investment amount or brings in a credible referral as a client.

  • Daniel Lee

    Before I started working with TK Wealth Ventures, I always felt nervous that I was not making the right decisions about my finances or that I was missing something. Through their expertise in financial real estate and second mortgage planning and investment analysis, Nick and Matt have created a sense of reassurance for me. Nick and Matt are both very professional and pose tremendous skill sets, however, it is their ability to create deep and meaningful relationships with their clients is what impressed me the most. I have been continually impressed with TK Wealth Ventures ability to understand my financial goals and bring forward excellent insight into the entire planning process. I now feel confident that my personal finances are on the right path as TK Wealth Ventures continuous to show me that they truly care about my future. I have all the confidence in the world recommending my associates and friends to TK Wealth Ventures, as I know their wealth needs will be taken care of.

    Daniel Lee
    Real Estate Developer
  • Wesley Cooper

    What impressed me about TK Wealth Ventures was just how much time they spent early on in our relationship listening to my particular goals and objectives. I had been working with a financial planner from my local bank for some time. When I reviewed my investments and their returns closer however, I quickly realized that the financial advice I was receiving was not matching with my future financial expectations! I have found that TK Wealth Ventures truly understands what I am working towards my career, my current investments, and my personal retirement goals. Retirement is a very significant event in my life, and it is a great comfort to know my best interests are being looked after. Their regular reviews and proactive meetings keep me well aware of my progress towards my goals. Due to the variety of strategies available and their flexibility, I highly recommend this wealth investment firm.

    Wesley Cooper
    Automotive Industry (soon to be retired)

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