TK Wealth Ventures

Who We Are

TK Wealth Ventures is a Canadian non-financial institutional lender that provides creative financing solutions for real estate through second mortgages. Our investment strategy is to invest in residential second mortgages from borrowers whose financing needs are not being met by the larger financial institu­tions. To maintain a stable yield on our mortgage portfolio, we manage risk through regular maintenance of a diversified portfo­lio, work alongside with multiple reputable brokers and perform extensive screening on our borrowers.

Our portfolio is of high quality and we are able to charge higher rates than banks because we offer flexibility, speed, creativity and excellent service. In addition, typical bank lending is often formulaic and constrained, whereas we are able to customize solutions!

Today people who hold cash equivalents feel comfortable. They shouldn’t. They have opted for a terrible long-term asset, one that pays virtually nothing and is certain to depreciate in value.

Warren Buffett

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Nick and Matt opened their first construction and renovation business together at the age of 21.

To this day, they have successfully completed over an impressive 650 construction and build projects. They’ve been featured on national magazines such as Home & Cottages.

At 30, Nick and Matt branched out and began heavily investing into real estate. They collectively created an extensive residential real estate portfolio through new construction builds, income properties, buy and sell flips as well as foreclosure properties.

They have developed a specialized team that they network with, which allows them to further build their wealth in real estate and now want to share these profits with their clients at TK Wealth Ventures.

Their present goal is to share their 40 years of combined knowledge and experience with others. Their approach is focused on helping the most basic investor better understand the are lucrative investment opportunities that are available in the real estate market as well as other avenues.

Currently, Nick and Matt operate TK Wealth Ventures and have combined their construction and real estate knowledge to form a very profitable investment firm that offers a guaranteed 4% return on average investments. These kind of returns are unheard of in the typical banking industry.

What We Do

Our main objective is to provide investors with stable,
safe and reliable returns and to preserve capital.

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Meet Our Team

Meet the team at TK Wealth Ventures that has over a combined 40 years of experience in real estate, real estate investing and financing.

Matt Kostrzewa


  • 8 years of real estate investing
  • 14 years in building and construction
Nick Kostrzewa


  • 8 years of real estate investing
  • 14 years in building and construction
Kristen Mitchell


  • 6 years of mortgages, personal financing and investing strategies
  • Daniel Lee

    Before I started working with TK Wealth Ventures, I always felt nervous that I was not making the right decisions about my finances or that I was missing something. Through their expertise in financial real estate and second mortgage planning and investment analysis, Nick and Matt have created a sense of reassurance for me. Nick and Matt are both very professional and pose tremendous skill sets, however, it is their ability to create deep and meaningful relationships with their clients is what impressed me the most. I have been continually impressed with TK Wealth Ventures ability to understand my financial goals and bring forward excellent insight into the entire planning process. I now feel confident that my personal finances are on the right path as TK Wealth Ventures continuous to show me that they truly care about my future. I have all the confidence in the world recommending my associates and friends to TK Wealth Ventures, as I know their wealth needs will be taken care of.

    Daniel Lee
    Real Estate Developer
  • Wesley Cooper

    What impressed me about TK Wealth Ventures was just how much time they spent early on in our relationship listening to my particular goals and objectives. I had been working with a financial planner from my local bank for some time. When I reviewed my investments and their returns closer however, I quickly realized that the financial advice I was receiving was not matching with my future financial expectations! I have found that TK Wealth Ventures truly understands what I am working towards my career, my current investments, and my personal retirement goals. Retirement is a very significant event in my life, and it is a great comfort to know my best interests are being looked after. Their regular reviews and proactive meetings keep me well aware of my progress towards my goals. Due to the variety of strategies available and their flexibility, I highly recommend this wealth investment firm.

    Wesley Cooper
    Automotive Industry (soon to be retired)

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